Participatory Financing at the Service of Renewable Energy

Le financement participatif un levier vers le développement des énergies renouvelables

What if the ecological transition had found in participatory financing the lever for its development? It is the conviction of Lendosphère, a participatory financing platform that has helped finance 170 projects for solar power plants, photovoltaic and wind farms. "Since the end of 2014 and the entry into force of its regulatory framework, participatory financing has experienced strong growth, with +20% between 2017 and 2018 to reach 402 million euros. More than 1.5 million French people have supported a project via a participatory financing platform", says Lendosphère, which was created in 2014.

"More than 13,200 French savers have invested nearly 57 million euros in 183 renewable energy projects via Lendosphere for the past five years," explains the company, which accounted for 47% of the market in 2018.

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Numerous projects in Occitania

Lendopshère, strong presence in Occitania has led to the financing of 27 renewable energy projects in the region, three of which are currently being collected: Montbarbier solar power plants (Tarn-et-Garonne) and Blajan (Haute-Garonne), and Arfons-Sor wind farm (Tarn). "In total, more than €3.2 million (€3,221,340) has been invested in Occitania by 2,893 people. The amounts collected have ranged from €30,000 to €551,380 and the lenders' investments range from €50 to €100,400," the platform states, adding that "of the 27 Occitan projects, 24 have already started to repay their lenders, with €160,000 in interest paid and €1.703 million in capital repaid".Arfons-Sor wind farm

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Numerous platforms at the service of renewable energy

There are other participatory financing platforms such as Lendopolis which focuses on energy and real estate.

Kickstarter also offers various projects related to renewable energies, but also many projects on animal protection.

Enerfip is also a participatory platform for investing at the local level.

All these platforms are a great help in the energy transition. Try to invest reliably and thoughtfully to avoid losing your earnings and putting them into a project that is doomed to failure.

Source LaDepeche