"Pêche in Tarn" in support of the SPA of Albi

Logo Association Pêche In Tarn

"Pêche In Tarn" is an association of Albi passionate about fishing and adventure.

It brings together nature lover through an aid objective for the SPA of Albi.

Indeed, more and morepetslike dogs/cats are waived everyday. The SPA needs a lot of help and support to bring a better life to these animals. Whether through theadoption, or even the donation of blankets for the winter, any help is essential to the survival of all these animals.

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That is why "Pêche In Tarn" has decided to be created. Every year the association organizes a flea market/fair around fishing.

During this day, they propose second-hand products, such as fishing rods, reels, but also stands related to nature.

You can also share a friendly moment around the refreshment bar with the organizers.

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All financial or material donations are then brought to the SPA. Thus every year the association can provide support for the winter, with radiators or blankets. But also in general to improve the quality of life of animals.