« SOS P’tites Bêtes » to the rescue of new pets

Iguane reptile SOS P'tites Bêtes

Aujourd'hui sur Activity Guide nous voulons vous présenter une superbe animal welfare association.

SOS P'tites Bêtes is a Junior association located in Etampes in 91.

Represented by members between 11 and 20 years old, it wants to bring a solution to the abandonment of the New Company Animals.

More and more people want to adopt much more unusual animals and often require a lot of attention and precision.

We are obviously talking about reptiles such as iguanas, snakes, but also turtles and insects.

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The association therefore aims to take care of reptiles in difficult situations.

Thus, it recovers insects, snakes, lizards, turtles and amphibians that the owners can no longer take care of. The animals are then placed back in adoptive families capable of taking care of them.

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The association also has the following activities fight against preconceptions about these animals.

Indeed, reptiles are little known and therefore often poorly loved and/or mistreated even though they have their own place in the ecosystem.

Sos P'tites Bêtes is supported by the Honorary President, Jonathan Monsinjon, Professor of the Ecology, Systematics and Evolution Laboratory at the University of Paris Sud.

They was also able to win the 1st prize "Action for the Planet 2019" of the Essonne Departmental Council.

The association offers various services workshops to discover these unknown animals, in schools, colleges, lycées, SPA or in companies, forums...

SOS P'tites Bêtes Association de protection animale

A great initiative that the world needs.


Feel free to follow them on social networks and also to contribute to a better world.