Welcome to the Activity Guide webcam service.

This service offers you to communicate directly with a guide or a professional of nature in a private and secure area.


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How to use the Webcam service?

This service is available to all guides and stays on our platform. To quickly communicate with a guide, you can find on the description sheet of it a Webcam iconlogo webcam .

By clicking on it you will have access to voice chat or written with your guide.

This service is at the discretion of the professionals. Some for lack of time or staff will not have this feature enabled.

What are the features of the Webcam service?

In addition to being able to communicate easily and directly with a professional nature, this service also brings a lot of features.

Learn more about your activity or nature stay

So you can communicate directly with your guide or nature professional and ask for more information about your next stay or activity.

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Développons-nous ensemble

Participate in lessons offered by our nature guides

A desire to learn new things about nature and in a particular area like fishing? You will be able to take part in free and paid lessons animated by our guides.

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Apprendre de la nature

Participate in nature debates

Our professionals on the platform will regularly propose debates and discussions about activities or nature in general.

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Image débats et partage d'informations
Plantation d'un cactus

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